Economic and Social Considerations for the Future of Nuclear Energy in Society

WP2 – Assessment of the sustainability of the whole cycle of nuclear power

WP2 will provide methodology in support of a better understanding of economic, environmental, and social/ethical aspects of the entire fuel cycle and of the different phases of the investment as applied to Gen II and III systems and extended to emergent nuclear technologies. Specialist and societal points of view will be elaborated with project nuclear and social researchers and with the stakeholders using video meetings and workshops. Methodologies and tools for assessment are reviewed and selected along with a set of assumptions (Task 2.1). They are applied in an investigation of the possible evolution of the energy market (demand, structure, rules, etc), in the frame of the climate neutrality proposed for mid century (Task 2.2). The market impact of identified driving factors is analysed in order to understand the role of nuclear power, with explicit consideration of the new nuclear systems (Generation III+, IV; SMRs).  The analysis of market and societal evolutions under e.g. crisis conditions will engage nuclear experts, SSH researchers, and stakeholders to evaluate criteria and methods and formulate recommendations for sustainability assessment (Task 2.3).