Economic and Social Considerations for the Future of Nuclear Energy in Society

WP1 – A collaborative assessment of (imagined) energy worlds

WP1 groups all activities dedicated to social investigations. The actions on the societal aspects of energy futures will provide insights into the perceived risks, benefits and potentials of nuclear energy technologies (Task 1.1), which will be further deepened through studies on citizens’ motivations for engaging with the issue in the context of major societal challenges: climate crisis, sustainable energy policies, energy security (Task 1.2). Furthermore, WP1 will identify challenges for the uptake of existing recommendations on stakeholder engagement and transdisciplinarity (notably integration of social sciences and humanities) in nuclear research and policy and develop practical recommendations for these challenges (Task 1.3). By engaging with relevant societal stakeholders (researchers, decision-makers, civil society organisations, NGOs, businesses, state administration, local information committees, municipalities with nuclear facilities, etc.), WP1 will explore and co-construct with them possible futures for nuclear energy taking into account ongoing energy transitions and climate change and other major societal challenges (Task 1.4), all results feeding the assessment WPs 2&3.