Economic and Social Considerations for the Future of Nuclear Energy in Society

The ECOSENS methodology was presented at IAEA event: Workshop on Reimagining Nuclear Energy

May 1, 2023 | news

In order to explore new ways to portray nuclear energy as a modern, socially beneficial source of clean energy contributing to climate change mitigation and socioeconomic development, IAEA organised between 26 and 28 April 2023 the workshop on Reimagining Nuclear Energy. The event brought together government officials, nuclear facility operators, and other nuclear energy actors in charge with the implementation of national stakeholder engagement and communication strategies, young nuclear professionals and nuclear advocates.

The ECOSENS project and the considerations on the methodology proposed to assess the sustainability performances of nuclear power and other low carbon energies have been presented as part of the panel “Engaging and Communicating for Advanced Nuclear Technologies”, by Marin Constantin (RATEN) – ECOSENS WP2 leader. His talk entitled “Engaging Stakeholders in the Decision-Making Process for Innovative Nuclear Systems Development” provided an opportunity to collect valuable feedback from the audience, which will be considered in the future development of the sustainability assessment

Panel discussion on SMRs in RICOMET

The panel discussion on “Public participation in decisions related to Small Modular nuclear Reactors (SMRs)”, will be organised on June 10 (16:00-17:35) in Ljubljana (Slovenia), in the framework of the European project ECOSENS (Economic and Social Considerations for...

ECOSENS Newsletter – No.1 – December 2023

ECOSENS Newsletter – No.1 – December 2023

Inside the issue ECOSENS first year Short news from WPs Deliverables and publications ECOSENS engagement opportunities ECOSENS first year Dr. Daniela Diaconu, RATEN, ECOSENS co-ordinator The ECOSENS project was conceived by specialists in social sciences and...

New ECOSENS deliverables available

Three new ECOSENS deliverables  representing the complete package of documents necessary for the assessment of the sustainability of nuclear energy to be carried out in the project are now available on the project webpage.They are reporting on: the methodology...

An ECOSENS Stakeholder Webinar Report is available

The ECOSENS project  continued stakeholder discussions this summer with consideration of the major drivers of energy demand. A webinar (as well as a short discussion at the ECOSENS Scientific Event) critically examined project assumptions on the state of energy demand...