Economic and Social Considerations for the Future of Nuclear Energy in Society

Stakeholders have agreed the first ECOSENS International Workshop reports

Jul 31, 2023 | news

The ECOSENS project started with two international workshops intended to discuss with societal stakeholders possible and desired energy futures in general and the sustainability assessment of renewable and nuclear energy options in particular. At this time, readers can download the public report of both the First International Workshop “The art and science of imagining energy futures” and the Second International Workshop “Decarbonizing Europe’s energy system: Checking and choosing indicators for a sustainability assessment” (Brussels, 29-30 March 2023). The reports have been reviewed and agreed by the stakeholder participants, whom we thank for their rich input to the workshops.

New ECOSENS deliverables available

Three new ECOSENS deliverables  representing the complete package of documents necessary for the assessment of the sustainability of nuclear energy to be carried out in the project are now available on the project webpage.They are reporting on: the methodology...

An ECOSENS Stakeholder Webinar Report is available

The ECOSENS project  continued stakeholder discussions this summer with consideration of the major drivers of energy demand. A webinar (as well as a short discussion at the ECOSENS Scientific Event) critically examined project assumptions on the state of energy demand...

First ECOSENS public event

The first ECOSENS Scientific Event entitled “Powering the Future Responsibly: Assessing the Sustainability of Nuclear Energy” was held on August 29 2023 in Dessel, Belgium back to back with RICOMET conference. It focused on the ECOSENS sustainability assessment...