Economic and Social Considerations for the Future of Nuclear Energy in Society

ECOSENS organizes a stakeholder webinar “Decarbonizing Europe’s energy system 2: Clarifying non-linear assumptions about energy demand to 2050” 

Jun 7, 2023 | news

The energy sector is influenced by policies, consumer behaviors, goals and actions to enlarge electrification, power smoothing strategies and advances, and energy efficiency measures — but also by the development of disruptive technologies and by economic and energy crises. Additionally, the current classical growth-oriented paradigm of development may give way to one focused on a healthy, “sufficient” economy designed to prosper but not necessarily to grow.

Predicting the influence of such drivers on the 2050 regional energy market and demand is a significant challenge.  ECOSENS will conduct a webinar in late June 2023, where a dozen specialist and non-specialist stakeholders are invited to review and tune assumptions on possible evolutions in demographic, environmental, economic, technological, and political developments, as well as social and cultural trends.

Learn more about participating in the June 2023 webinar and related events here.

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