Economic and Social Considerations for the Future of Nuclear Energy in Society

ECOSENS aims to create a neutral space where specialists in social sciences (including economics, sociology, Science and Technology Studies, among others) and humanities and in nuclear energy research and policy will meet, exchange views and collaborate with civil society and other relevant stakeholders in order to:

●        Provide a societal perspective on the development and use of existing and new nuclear technologies, in the context of major societal challenges: climate crisis, sustainable development and energy security, by opening up the technoscientific issues to the social, political, cultural and ethical context, in order to guide policies in the nuclear field.

●        Provide an assessment of nuclear energy sustainability considering the entire life cycle of the current nuclear technologies, possible evolutions of the energy markets and nuclear technologies in the transition toward climate neutrality, and the societal perspective in order to reveal and evaluate the possible roles of nuclear power in the future;

●        Provide a radically new economic model, based on the System of Provision (SoP), for the assessment of nuclear energy, overcoming the key weaknesses of existing economic models, providing a suite of indicators relevant not just for the investors (e.g. equity holders) but for a broad variety of stakeholders (e.g. consumers, governments, suppliers). 


First two ECOSENS workshops with stakeholders, 29 & 30 March 2023, Brussels

The ECOSENS project starts with two international workshops intended to discuss with societal stakeholders possible and desired energy futures in general and the sustainability assessment of renewable and nuclear energy options in particular.